Public Consultation on Firearms Safety

The Government consultation on Firearms Safety launched by the Home Office in late November 2020 is due to come to an end shortly on 16 February 2021.  The consultation includes proposals for enhanced security requirements for high muzzle energy rifles, and also air weapons, as well as greater restrictions on the availability of ammunition components. It would also introduce much tighter regulation of those who open and operate a ‘miniature rifle range’, i.e. a range involving the use of .22 calibre rimfire rifles by unlicensed participants, although the Government has expressed a commitment to retaining this legal exemption from the requirement to hold a firearm certificate. It apparently recognises the value of these ranges in introducing young people such as cadets and scouts to the sport of target shooting. This is a public consultation, and so if you are an interested party who may be affected by any of these proposals, we would recommend that you read the relatively short consultation document and submit a response before the deadline of 16 February 2021.