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What will I learn from it?

The book is an invaluable reference guide covering the laws relating to firearms in Great Britain.

Topics covered include:

Definitions of firearms, shotguns and prohibited weapons;

Firearm and Shotgun Certificates;

Registered firearms dealers;

Game shoots and target shooting;

Circumstances where you can shoot without holding a certificate;

Criteria for obtaining certificates;

Appeals against revocation or refusal to renew /grant certificates, and how to conduct them;

Security requirements for firearms and ammunition;

Poaching and protected birds and animals;

Young persons and guns;

Criminal Offences relating to firearms

Who would find it useful?

The book is written in an approachable style and is aimed at the ordinary shooter as much as the professional or lawyer. You will find it a handy reference source if you fall into any of the following groups of people;

Keen or novice shooter who wants to make sure you get, and keep, your firearm and/or shotgun certificate

Registered firearms dealers and section 5 dealers

Chairmen of gun clubs and other club officials

Shooting ground owners and organisers of clay or game shoots

Shooting coaches


Collectors of antique firearms, deactivated weapons & other militaria

Historic re-enactment enthusiasts

Defence and prosecution lawyers dealing with firearms offences

Police firearms enquiry officers

Police solicitors and other solicitors involved in firearms licensing appeals, or those seeking to prepare their own appeal